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Jean Mendenhall Patzner

The following information about some former residents of Blue Mound, Missouri came from a series of emails from Jean Patzner in July 2006. Jean said that most of the information is a direct copy of material from a book entitled AClimb With Me, My Family Tree@ published by her cousin, Venita Hurr Foster in 1989. A copy of this book (call number 929.209 HURR) is in the Chillicothe, Missouri library.

I am originally from Chillicothe and my great grandparents, George and Perlina Kuhn (see photo below), were from the Blue Mound area and are buried in unmarked graves in the Blue Mound Cemetery. My husband (Joe) and I came back to Blue Mound in the late 1980's to trace family history.

George and Perlina Kuhn had eight children; Susanne, Mary Elizabeth, Daniel, George William, Amanda Emeline, Phoebe Alice (my grandmother), Henry Delphard

and Silvia (see photo above). (With the exception of Susanne and Silvia, I learned these names from the 1880 Indiana census and from Uncle Frank.) George and Perlina lived in North Webster, Indiana, and on the Kuhn Lake property after their marriage, but at the time of the 1880 census were living in New Castle Township in Fulton County, bordering Kosciusko County. It was a few years later that they headed west with their six children, their first-born, Susanne (Ann) having died at the age of nine in 1868.

I learned from my grandma’s (Phoebe Kuhn Hurr) newspaper obituary that the family moved to Missouri from Indiana about 1884 and settled in Blue Mound Township, just south of Chillicothe on what is now Highway 65. George Kuhn would have been 46 years old and Perlina Wilkinson Kuhn would have been 49 years old

Uncle Frank recalled that his Grandpa Kuhn was buried in the Blue Mound Cemetery (formerly Burner Cemetery), so we returned there in an attempt to find the graves of George and Perlina and their youngest daughter, Silvia. Perlina and Silvia died within a couple months of each other in 1897. Silvia died at the age of 15 on January 1, 1897, just 2 months before her mother. One account was that she died from pneumonia, another listed peritonitis.

Silvia’s body was taken in the back of a horse-drawn wagon to the Blue Mound Cemetery (at that time known as the Burner Cemetery) for burial. There is no stone marking her grave. Silvia was said to have been the only child of George and Perlina not born in Indiana, and yet she was born in 1882. This date does not jibe with the newspaper obituary of Alice Kuhn Hurr which had the family moving to Missouri in 1884, but that isn’t that important. In the book, Silvia Kuhn was reported to have been born May 5, 1882. A picture of Silvia with her parents was found. In it she looks to be about 8 years old. She was a very pretty young girl (see photo above).

The cemetery, as it turned out, is just east of the old Kuhn farm. In Blue Mound, we (Jean and Joe) talked to a 90-year-old man named Harley McCracken who told them he worked for the Kuhns about 1912 and went to dances with the Kuhn children He told of George Kuhn telling him, a 15 year old boy at the time, to butcher a hog and then walked away without telling him how to do itYYso Harley said he did the best he could.

Perlina Wilkinson Kuhn died on March 14, 1897. On January 5, 1906, George married a widow, Sarah E. O’Dell, of Dawn, Missouri. Uncle Frank remembers George had a slight build and a long white beard. He remembers Sarah sitting in a rocker on the porch smoking a pipe. I guess a child would remember that. Sarah must have preceded George in death, although this has not been researched.

When George’s health started to fail, he left the farm and lived for a while with my grandmother, Alice, and her husband, Charles Hurr, in their house on the corner of First Street and Hickory in Chillicothe. When he couldn’t be cared for at home any longer, he was placed in the county home for the aged where he died August 20, 1922. Uncle Frank remembers that Grandpa George would wander away from home and get lost, but since everyone in town knew him, they would just bring him back home.

George and Perlina are buried in the old part of Blue Mound Cemetery. There are no stones to mark their graves, but Mrs. Edwin Haynes (wife of the secretary-treasurer of the cemetery) wrote to tell us a record was found indicating that George Albaugh purchased part of the Kuhn lot for $2.00, so their graves most likely are in the same area as those of George And Amanda Albaugh (daughter) of George and Perlina Kuhn. Mrs. Haynes also informed us that the Kuhn farm in Blue Mound is now owned by their neighbors, the Raymond Zulligs.


If you would like to submit your recollections, please contact Joe G. Dillard at: 3535 West Arbor Way, Columbia, MO 65203 or e-mail

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