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Reva Maberry and June (Maberry) Lazure
Interview December 2, 2000

Reva - I lived east of Blue Mound.

Reva - You probably didnít know Edith Merrit(? ), but she told old Doc Collier that he killed them and his Son was an undertaker and he buried them!

Joe - Did you know Ina Cameron

Reva - Is she Mervinís Sister?

Joe - Yes.

Reva - We are a little bit related.

Joe - She lives over at St. Joe. We visited her earlier this fall. She has an old spinning wheel that survived that tornado that went through Blue Mound. Do you remember that?

Reva - No, I donít. My Mother was just 5 years old when it went through.

Joe - When were you born?

Reva - 1909.

Joe - One of the things that I have been unable to find out about is the old rock quarry that was directly behind (South of) where you used to live. Do you know anything about it?

Reva - That was my Dadís.

Joe - Who was doing the quarry work?

June - That was WPA.

Reva - Yes, at that time.

June - Mom made the remark that the WPA moving in there saved her Dad. from bankruptcy.

Reva - It was on him.

June - He got reimbursed (ASK HOW MUCH).

Reva - Uncle Ott (?) walked from home about 1 mile east and 1 mile north of Blue Mound to work in the quarry 8 hours a day.

June - The quarry provided employment for a lot of people.

Reva - It was right across the road on the South.

Joe - And then they moved up behind where we lived when we moved to Blue Mound. We bought two houses. Our property joined the school house property on the west.

Reva - Yes, I think the Chuck Shields lived where you lived and Lee Knox lived in the house just east of you.

Joe - And, the other thing that I canít find out about is the Church that used to be east of where we lived.

Reva - That was the Church of Christ.

Joe - That little Church. There were two Churches when I was little. The Church of Christ and then the Christen Church.

Joe - When was the Church of Christ built?

Reva - I believe about the time I was born.

Joe - When did you leave down there?

June - We moved from East of Blue Mound in 1940 or 1941. We moved to where Bill Maberry lived (over closer to Dawn).

June - Mom, didnít you say that there was a store in the Church of Christ building later?

Reva - Yes.

Joe - Who ran that, do you know?

Reva - Charley Hoyt, I believe.

Reva - There used to be two stores on Blue Mound. One on the North East corner and one South of the school house.

Joe - There used to be a Burner School out there, but I canít find much about it.

Reva - I donít remember that either. I hear people say that it might have been up toward the cemetery.

Joe - Do you know when they built Blue Mound School.

Reva - No. As Fred McCullogh use to say, ďThey had to burn it down to get him out of first gradeĒ. It burned down, but that has been a long time ago.


Reva - One of my friends (WHO?) used to come and she told me the school house used to be there where the cemetery was.

June - Have you talked to Harold Maberry?

Joe - No, I havenít. When I first got started I didnít know who to talk to. But Sue Jones put me in touch with a guy out in California and all of a sudden I got an email from him...

Reva - Was it a McAlear? (Carolyn and him wrote a lot?)?

Joe - Yes it was. He is a real hoot!

June - Somewhere I do have Haroldís email address. He does history and put together a book that articles about Blue Mound in it. His Mother saved newspaper articles. She has the one about Mr. Whited.

Joe - Thatís another thing, I have been looking for articles, photos, bank statements, etc. Was there a bank there

Reva - No. But there was there a Post Office there.

Joe - Yes, Iíve got some information on that.

Joe - Did you ever know Donald Barnes?

Reva - Yes, I went to school with Donald. His Sister (Grace?) and I were in the same grade. And (?) gave me my music lessons (?). She is still living (?). Donald was Dan Barnes boy wasnít he?

Joe - Yes, I believe thatís right.

Joe - Here is the map Donald drew.

June - He left out Revaí Sister (Ruby - which June added to the map).

June - Reva, what was your Grandfatherís name?

Reva - My Grandpa Knox was a different Knox. My Motherís Mother remarried and married this Grandpa Knox that we are talking about.


June - They didnít want to talk about Blue Mound; it had a bad name! They talked about the time their Dad turned all the gypsy horses loose. And they went home and barely got upstairs into bed before the gypsies knocked on the door downstairs and asked if they had seen any horses or knew anything about them. The boys were still awake and listening to it upstairs. They just had got in.

Joe - So, they are the ones that let the horses loose?

June - Yes.

June - They also told about Uncle Elmer Perry buying a new Model T and was afraid to drive it. He had a terrible time getting it started, in gear and going. So, one morning at Church, these boys went out and got watermelons, cut them in half, jacked up the car and put one a half of a watermelon under each tire.

Joe - Where did he live?

Reva - Oh, he lived North of Blue Mound.

June - Up by the Baxter School House.

Joe - Ina Cameron gave me a photograph taken around 1890 of the Singing Group taken in front of the Mount Hope Church in Blue Mound.

Reva - Yes, that is the Church at Blue Mound. Tells about the old store that was on the North side of the road with a machine shop to the West and the telephone exchange across the road to the West (North of the Mount Hope Church).

Joe - Now where was the Post Office.

Reva - That is where the Post Office used to be (at the Telephone Office). Thatís what they tell me, I didnít remember that.

Joe/Reva - We talk a bit about the Burner School. Reva says that Aunt Annie Perry would know, but she is gone. I just canít think of anyone who would know. I imagine it was up there somewhere close to the Cemetery.

Joe - Were all the roads out there dirt roads when you lived out there?

Reva - Yes. They started getting gravel when they put the rock quarry in on my Dadís place.

Joe - Hereís the records for Blue Mound School. They start in 1932. When did you sat that you went to school there?

Reva - I was born in 1909 so it would have been 6 years later (1915).

SECOND SIDE (pretty sure that I lost some because I didnít know that the tape had run out!)

Joe - We lived right across the street from Leila Davis. But then we owned another house between us and the school house on the West.

Reva - Thatís where the Dr.???? Shields lived.

Joe - By the time we got there the old store North of the school house was gone. Do you think that the store that Whited had South of the school was the old one?

Reva - No. He just had a little store in his house. ????Barnes had a store. ??? Charley Brown in 1900???

Joe - There was some references to some businesses in Blue Mound.

Joe - They listed a Jacob Mead as a Barber

Reva - Yeah, I knew Jake.

Reva - Brown and Barnes were the only ones that I remember of the businesses. One store was on the corner and the other South of the school house

Joe - So, there was Blue Mound School and then 2 miles East was Condron, 2 miles North was Baxter. Was there one going West.

Reva - No. John Brownís place was the last place to the West.

Joe - And how about to the South?

June - That would have been the Stagner School in Carroll County.

Reva - You donít remember Lettie??? and Carrie McAlear and her husband Mossberger. He was kind of henpecked.. He fell in the well after she died. And, ??? said, ďShe wasnít there to tell him to get out!Ē

Joe - Yeah, Ina told me about that too. He married Lettie, but they didnít have any kids, so they took in Ina and ??? And as I understood it bla, bla, bla, He made arrangements to go into to Chillicothe to talk to a Lawyer about a Will which would have left most of the stuff to Ina and Carrie bla, bla,

Reva- He was a good guy. And Carrie her Sister run the switchboard there (where Mr. Whited lived later). Then they moved the switchboard over on the corner (Northwest of the school house).

Joe - Carrie never got married did she?

Reva - No. Thatís another one of Rex Brownís stories. Oh, they made life miserable for her. She run the switchboard and she would be late, and those boys, there would be 5 or 6 of them. They would throw rocks at houses you know. They were just nuisances, you know.

Joe - How many of those Brown boys were there

Reva - There were the twins and Rex. There were ? I think. Ralph and ??? were twins. (She listed 5, but I canít catch all the names) And then there was Mary Ellen? And Howard - he was the baby.

Joe - At this point I produce the picture of the Singing Group that Ina Cameron sent and Reva says there used to be good singers from Blue Mound. She tells me of a person who taught or led singing in and around Blue Mound named Jim Carr or Carrs.

Reva - Reaffirms that the ďold garageĒ i.e., the shop, etc. - was right across the road from the school on the North.

Dick Maberry I remember the old store there that the concrete porch was pretty high. Seems to me like.

June - Joe, this is my Husband, Bob Mosher.

Joe - Glad to meet you.

Dick - Looking at the photo of the old store - Is that a gas pump?

Bob - Iím not sure.

June - Do you remember anything about a Fleishmanís Grist Mill?

Dick - Yes, I do.

June - Thatís where you got your finger cut off!!??

Dick - Yes. All I remember about it was they had an old one-lunger gasoline engine and a feed mill. It was just East of the house where you lived. I donít remember who was in there Mom. He had one of these old hand-crank grinders. And, I got my finger caught in one of the gears.

Joe - Where did the Fleishmans go when they moved out?

Dick - I think that they went South, Iím not sure.

Joe - Is that where we lived?

Dick - No, Fleishmans was right up against the school yard.

Reva - Did Donald Barnes tell you about shooting the eagle?

Joe - No.

Reva - Yes. He shot an eagle just North of Blue Mound and had stuffed and hung in the County Courthouse.

June - The details were in the Tribune (Chillicothe) one time.

Bob - Who was the old guy who was in Great Falls (Montana)?

June - It was xxx Perry.

Bob - He was always telling us stories about Blue Mound and we laughed until we had tears in our eyes. He was telling us about how they took a wagon apart, took it up to the top of a building and then put it back together.

Joe - Yes, I think that is the same episode that Donald Barnes told me about. They took it apart, took it too the top of the old garage or shop on the North side of the road across from the Blue Mound school and put it back together.

Bob - Oh yeah, then they had to take it apart to get it down again!

Joe - Yeah, June was telling me about the watermelons.

Bob - Yeah, he got in there and was just a gunning it; then he put it in reverse and gunned it some more! Then he finally got through the rind and really took off!!

June - Mom, tell them about Grandpa Perry.

Reva - He ran through the back of the barn with his car.(?)

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