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Blue Mound, Missouri never had a newspaper, but many articles about Blue Mound were published in the Chillicothe newspaper. And thanks to Jerry R. Stephens, Lori Olson and Mildred (Sue) Jones, Major Friends of Blue Mound, we now have access to many of those dating back to the early 1900s.

The articles were mostly in columns titled variously as “Blue Mound News”, “Blue Mound”, “Blue Mound Items”, “North Carroll”, etc.

Rather than posting the entire item, I converted each individual item into a tabular format (below) with four columns: Date (of article, not the event), Subject (main subject of the article), Names (if any in the article), and Comments (about the article if any).

In general I used the spellings in the newspaper article although some appeared to be misspelled. Parenthetical material is mine.

There are many skips chronologically and I will try to fill them in as more articles become available. There are a few undated items and put them at the end of the table.

If you desire more information about an entry (item), please contact me at and I will check the hard copy to see if more is available.

Newspaper Articles About Blue Mound
Date Subject Name(s) Comments
08/08/1866 Robbery Mr. Wolf Robber got $200 hidden under bed
02/14/1873 Meeting J. A. Lewis, Capt. John Collar, Dr. James Shields, E. F. Davis, and D. Jones Preparing bylaws (for what?)
03/30/1886 Death Mrs. John Carr (Georgie J.) Rev. Richardson officiated.  Burial in Burner Cemetery
10/09/1890 Golden Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. Burner, married in 1840 Mr. Jacob S. Burner married Miss Mary Eliza Cave
03/21/1890 Democratic Convention Byrd Stagner, John Weir, George Hedrick, Gene Howes Blue Mound Township delegates
04/12/1900 Court Case Peter Condron Contested assessment for taxes
07/24/1902 Arrested John C. Mead was arrested by George Cranmer and posted $200 bond to appear before Judge Swarty John drew a shotgun on George McAlear over a dispute about the discovery of a bee tree
10/13/1902 Broken leg Ralph Baxter Injury was extremely painful
03/13/1903 Hogs die R.C. Zirkle Lost 16 head of hogs when a straw stack blew over and smothered them
06/16/1903 Cemetery Patrons of the Blue Mound Cemetery met and cleaned it up They also paid for a new fence
06/16/1903 Oddity R. C. Zirkle Cow had 4 calves within one year
06/16/1903 Oddity L. M. Haynes Sow had 16 piglets
06/16/1903 Oddity Mrs. Smith Hatched 2 chickens from one egg
06/16/1903 Telephone Telephone posts distributed from John Hoyts to Avalon Line from Blue Mound to Dawn has fallen through
06/18/1903 Death of child 14 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Muck Interment at Blue Mound Cemetery
07/03/1903 Marriage Will Jenkins and Minnie McAlear Married last Wednesday
08/07/1903 Ice cream social Woodman Lodge To host one next Friday night
08/07/1903 Birth 8 pound girl born to wife of Harlow Millay Born Sunday morning
08/07/1903 Ice cream social Miss Grace Millay To celebrate her 15th birthday last Saturday
08/07/1903 Visit John Sullivan visited Hale friends  
08/07/1903 Birth Mrs. Rush Stagner had a 5 pound girl Tuesday night
08/07/1903 Ice cream social At Gibbs Chapel next Tuesday To benefit the church
08/14/1903 Visit Rush Stagner Returned from South Dakota after a year
08/14/1903 Illness Mrs. Arthur Knox Has consumption and not expected to live
08/14/1903 Death Mrs. Rush Stagner died August 1 Burial in Burner Cemetery
08/14/1903 Ice cream social Woodman Lodge Postponed due to rain
08/21/1903 Death of Jennie Stagner Rush Stagner, E.D. and Ann Jones An extensive obit, burial in the Blue Mound Cemetery
08/21/1903 Death Thomas Powell died last Sunday He had Bright’s disease
08/21/1903 Ball Game Game of “picked up nine” between Blue Mound and Avalon Avalon won 18 to 10
09/18/1903 Event Mrs. Lucinda Parris Moved into new home
09/18/1903 Visit Mrs. Gilbert (Chillicothe) Mrs. M.E. Carlyle (Blue Mound) Carlyle was the Niece of Gilbert
09/18/1903 Event Hawley Johnson Commenced winter term at Blue Mound School last Monday
09/18/1903 Birth Mrs. John Perry Baby girl born last Wednesday
09/18/1903 Illness Irwin Knox Daughter sick but improving
09/18/1903 Visit Marvin Carlyle and Miss Irma Carlyle Returned from south Missouri after visiting relatives
12/10/1903 Building Peter Condron Completed a large shed on his farm
12/10/1903 Visit Ms Suzie McDanold visited parents Ms McDanold is teaching school at McCleary
12/10/1903 Preaching The Elder of the Hale Charge Will preach at Gibbs Chapel
12/10/1903 Singing Group G. H. Carr Trying to organize a group at Condron School
12/10/1903 Death James Gilbert Buried in the Burner Cemetery
12/10/1903 Mail Protest   Calls for a protest because of poor service
12/10/1903 Delivery E. D. Jones To deliver a load of lumber to Frank Way’s Foundry
12/17/1903 Illness H. G. Zirkle On the sick list this week
12/17/1903 Building John Hoyt, Jr., Mat McKerrow, Jacob Mead Mat and Jacob help John build a new barn
12/17/1903 House H.S. Millay Stopped work on new house due to cold weather
12/17/1903 Livestock D. W. Henry Lost a cow last Friday night
12/17/1903 Rabbits M. G. Carlyle Bought nearly 300 rabbits last week
12/17/1903 Bullet lodged in head Virgil Hurner, had a 32 caliber revolver that fell out of his pocket, discharged and hit him in the head A doctor removed the bullet and all is well
12/17/1903 Building Charles Warner Building a new cow shed
12/17/1903 Illness W. W. Warner Been on sick list but is better now
12/17/1903 Singing School G. H. Carr Trying to organize a singing school at Condron
07/25/1906 Shot Ernie Hall shot by Leo Stuck Recovery deemed doubtful
08/02/1906 Death Ernie Hall shot by Leo Stuck A hayfield argument that turned deadly
08/21/1906 Church

Reverend F. W. Gilbert (Son of James and Madeline Gilbert)


Preached at Lilly Grove Church
02/26/1907 Visit Joe Haynes and John Sullivan Went to Chillicothe
02/26/1907 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cain visit G. H. Carr family  
02/26/1907 Delivery G. H. Carr Delivers a load of hogs to Dawn
02/26/1907 Visit Mr. and Mrs. John Perry visit Joe Haynes and wife  
02/26/1907 Visit Rolla Bucher visits Holly Carr  
02/26/1907 Visit Carrie and Vernie Hoyt visit Johnny Hoyt and wife  
02/26/1907 Visit George McAlear and family visits Marvin Carlyle and family  
02/26/1907 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Ora Stagner visits Robert Knox and family  
02/26/1907 Visit Miss Rosa Paris visited Minnie Carr  
02/26/1907 Illness Mr. Sanford Been sick for some time, still very low



Oral Smith Face badly swollen from spider bite
08/10/1907 Visit Mrs. Moda McAlear and children visited relatives and friends  
08/10/1907 Visit Edgar Carr and Wife visited friends in Chillicothe  
08/10/1907 Visit Inez Carlyle came home from a week’s visit with Grandparents  
08/10/1907 Visit John Brown and Wife visited T. J. Perry  
08/10/1907 Visit Joe Haynes and Wife visited T. J. Perry  
08/10/1907 Visit William Higgins, Wife and Daughter visited the Carlyles  
08/10/1907 Visit Mrs. Alva Busibarger (sp?) and Cora Snaro (sp?)  Visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. John Mead  
08/10/1907 Wedding Robert Knox departed for Son George’s wedding in Nebraska  
10/30/1907 New Church Church of Christ one-fourth mile east of Blue Mound Composed of former members of Mount Hope who did not want to use an organ in worship
12/04/1907 Visit Mrs. John Good; Elba Good Visited relatives at Blue Mound
12/04/1907 Meetings Rev. S. D. Jones of Hale Blue Mound Church
12/04/1907 Visit Edgar Carr Dawn, MO
12/04/1907 Visit Mr. & Mrs. Suth of Coloma Visited Mr. & Mrs. Jo. Haynes
12/04/1907 Started to school Harold Dice & George Mead Chillicothe Normal
12/04/1907 Visit Mrs. Charlie Paris & daughter May of Hale Visited relatives
12/04/1907 Visit Miss Nina Gilbert Visited Miss Minnie Carr
12/04/1907 Visit Mr. & Mrs. Perry Cain Visited G. H. Carr
12/04/1907 Husking corn Farmers Finished recently
02/21/1908 Store sold Marvin Carlyle sold his interest to Dan Barnes Store now owned by Lewis and Barnes
02/21/1908 Business Charley Thompson did business in Chillicothe  
02/21/1908 Illness Miss Lucy Collins is on sick list  
02/21/1908 Illness Miss Barbara McColough (sp?) Recovering from pneumonia
02/21/1908 Visit Miss Roxie Sanford of St. Louis Visited her ill parents
02/21/1908 Departure Buford McCollough Left for Sioux City to resume his work
02/21/1908 Visit Mrs. Jane Colliver and Mrs. Farabee of Tina Visited Mrs. Sanford
02/21/1908 Visit Lee Knox visited in Chillicothe  
02/21/1908 Visit Roy Brown of Chillicothe visited relatives  
02/21/1908 Return Tipp Goff Came back from a four month stay in Sycamore , Kansas
02/21/1908 Funeral Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Carlyle Funeral of Jay Higgins
02/21/1908 Illness Mr. and Mrs. Steve Alebrich Recovering from pneumonia
02/21/1908 Illness Mr. Sanford growing weaker.  Wife is improving  
03/01/1908 Death Charles V. Sanford Died at age 75.  (I have his obituary)
03/11/1908 Visit Joe Haynes Went to Chillicothe
03/11/1908 Departure Jim Brown Left for Oklahoma
03/11/1908 Visit Mr. & Mrs. John Hoyt Visited T. J. Perry
03/11/1908 Visit Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Haynes Visited Orville Lenhart and wife
03/11/1908 Preaching Rev. Gray of Hale Preached at the Church of Christ
03/11/1908 Birth Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Carr Baby boy
03/11/1908 Visit Miss Anna Jennings Spent Sunday with Elva Knox
04/15/1908 Preaching Reverend Edwards of Breckenridge will preach The fourth Sunday at the new church (Church of Christ?)
04/15/1908 Business Joe Haynes and John Sullivan Went to Chillicothe
04/15/1908 Visit Misses Lillie and Callie Wooden Visited Rosa Paris
04/15/1908 Departure Roy Wilson of Nebraska left after visiting relatives  
04/15/1908 Visit Mr and Mrs. Edgar Carr Visited Joe Haynes
04/15/1908 Visit Miss Nettie Haynes Visited Mrs. Dan Barnes
04/15/1908 Visit Dr. T. G. Phelps Attended church
04/15/1908 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warner Visited John Warner and family
04/15/1908 Business Mr. and Mrs. Pink Knox Went to Chillicothe
05/07/1908 Rain   Two day rain helpful to pastures and meadows
05/07/1908 Visit Elmer Haynes Visited Elmer Zirkle of Tina
05/07/1908 Business John Goff and Wife Went to Dawn
05/07/1908 Visit Miller Sweeney family and J. K. Sweeney Visited Jacob Mead
05/07/1908 Visit Mary McCullough and Rettie McAlear Visited Mrs. Sara Goff
05/07/1908 Return Ben Jones and Daughter, Miss Cora Spent winter in Colorado
05/07/1908 Visit Joseph Knox and Wife of Oregon, formerly of Blue Mound Has lived in Colorado for past 25 years
05/07/1908 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wooden Visited at the Mounds
05/07/1908 Illness Mrs. Hattie Hooker Confined to bed
05/08/1908 Visit Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan visit Joe Haynes family  
05/08/1908 Business Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith Went to Chillicothe
05/08/1908 Visit Mr and Mrs. George Goff visited Herbert Elsas family  
05/08/1908 Business Joe Haynes Took hogs to Chillicothe
05/08/1908 Visit Mrs. Aggie Knox visited Mrs. M. P. Knox  
05/08/1908 Visit Mrs. Gilbert and Daughter Nina of Coloma visited Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cain  
05/08/1908 Preaching Reverend S. D. Jones of Hale Service at Church of Christ
05/08/1908 Visit Mrs. Robert Knox visited Mrs. Edgar Carr  
05/08/1908 Visit Elmer and Everett Haynes visit relatives in Tina  
05/08/1908 Business George McAlear To Chillicothe
05/08/1908 Visit Mearl (sp?) Moon visited Floyd Sullivan  
05/08/1908 Visit Miss Mary McCullough visited Leone Keinbeck  
05/08/1908 Visit Oliver Perry and Wilford Sullivan visited H. G. Carr and Family In Chillicothe
05/15/1908 Death William Coldiron Drowned in Shoal Creek, dynamite used to raise body.  It was unsuccessful
06/02/1908 Business Dan and Lewis Barnes Went to Chillicothe
06/02/1908 Visit Ms Rose Brown of Hale With Blue Mound relatives
06/02/1908 Visit Mrs. George Goff At Atlanta
06/02/1908 Visit Mrs. Mary McCullough went to Hale For a week’s visit with friends
06/02/1908 Illness Grandma Stagner of Kansas Mother of Bird Stagner
06/02/1908 Business John Barnes and Bud Haynes In Chillicothe
06/02/1908 Visit George McAlear family With Lite Stagner family near Hale
06/02/1908 Business B. H. Carr and Joe Haynes Went to Hale
06/02/1908 Visit John Brown family With M. J. McKerrow
06/02/1908 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Joe Haynes With John Sullivan and Wife
06/02/1908 Visit Jacob Collins of Hale In Blue Mound
06/02/1908 Visit Roscoe Haynes of Avalon In Blue Mound
06/02/1908 Visit Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Carr of Chillicothe In Blue Mound
06/02/1908 Preaching Rev. Jones of Hale Church of Christ?
07/10/1908 Business Joe Haynes and G. H. Carr To Chillicothe
07/10/1908 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Lee Knox and Pink Knox visited Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle  
07/10/1908 4th of July   Most farmers in cornfield
07/10/1908 Illness Mrs. G. H. Carr Much better
07/10/1908 Visit Mrs. Winnie Stagner visited Ora Stagner (Brother)  
07/10/1908 Visit Miss Rosa Paris and Miss Minnie Carr visited Mrs. Sullivan  
07/10/1908 Illness George Goff, Jr.  
07/10/1908 4th of July Number of Blue Mound youth celebrated 4th at Hale  
10/07/1908 Ball Game Swain School boys played the Blue Mound School boys Blue Mound won 19 to 3
03/10/1909 Death Mrs. Peter Condron Buried at Burner Cemetery
03/10/1909 Illness Miss Erma Cox Pneumonia
03/10/1909 Return Mr. and Mrs. Tom Austin After extended visit with relative in Canada
03/10/1909 Birthday G. Sanford Turned 77
03/10/1909 Teacher Miss Ella Case Began spring term at Baxter School
03/10/1909 Visit Rev Floyd Edwards Miss Minnie Carr
03/10/1909 Visit Miss Alma Leonard of Tina Visited relatives
03/10/1909 School Miss Carrie McCloughan Attended Chillicothe High School
03/10/1909 Business Bud Haynes Took load of apples to Chillicothe
03/10/1909 Business Charles Hoyt of Dawn Recently purchased a store in Blue Mound
03/10/1909 Moving Tom Plaster family Moving to Roosevelt farm near Coloma
03/21/1912 Visit Mrs. Elmer Haynes and baby Mr. and Mrs. Kesier of Bedford
03/21/1912 Business Lewis Mossbarger Chillicothe
03/21/1912 Visit Miss Mary McCullough Home folks
03/21/1912 Illness Mrs. Lewis Barnes Recovery
03/21/1912 Visit Mrs. Charley Haynes With Brother
03/21/1912 Visit Miss Grace Simmons Miss Agnes Knox
03/21/1912 Moved John Sloan and family To a farm purchased south of the Mounds
03/21/1912 Visit Mrs. Barbara McCullough Ms. Rettie Mossbarger
03/21/1912 Business John and Roy Brown In Ludlow
04/25/1914 Injury Charles Hoyt received fracture of right shoulder when thrown from buggy.  Treated by Dr. Girdner Horse was frightened by an auto when crossing railroad tracks at Elm Street
09/23/1914 Visit Tom Sperry family Tom Plaster and Wife
09/23/1914 Departure Miss Mary Henry and Daughter To Webster County
09/23/1914 Return John Mead From Iowa visit with Brother Nelson
09/23/1914 Business John Jenkins Buying sheep in Blue Mound
09/23/1914 Business John Hoyt/Mat Mead Shipped hogs to Kansas City
09/23/1914 Business Lewis E. Mossbarger and Wife To Chillicothe
09/23/1914 Moved Lewis Robinson and family To Chillicothe
09/23/1914 Business Mr. and Mrs. Pink Knox and Miss Zelma Campbell To Chillicothe
09/23/1914 Illness Mrs. Frank Harbert Neuralgia of the face
09/23/1914 Illness Cleve McDaneld Typhoid fever
06/24/1915 Celebration Dan Barnes, Eli Lester, A. V. Smith plan a big picnic A big picnic that will far outdo anything ever attempted in the county
06/29/1915 Celebration A follow-up article about the big picnic to be held on the Dan Barnes farm To be held on July 3rd
12/19/1917 Rabbit buyer C. C. Hoyt deemed Champion Rabbit Buyer Bought and sold 12,000 rabbits in one week at 16 and 2/3 cents each
02/24/1921 60th Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Drury N. Morris From the Hillsboro, Oregon Argus
04/10/1930 Death Lewis E. Mossbarger Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
03/26/1931 Death John Alexander Had recently taken over the operation of the Blue Mound Central Office
??/??/1931 Medicine Show   Show on Friday and Saturday nights
09/02/1931 Death Mrs. Fannie Knox Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
09/04/1931 Death Mrs. M. P. (Fannie) Knox Buried in Burner Cemetery
09/04/1931 Illness Mrs. R. L. Knox Stroke - moved to her Daughter’s (Mrs. Charley Mantzey) home
01/23/1933 Illness Mrs. John (Mary E. Stagner) Perry Felon on third finger of left hand
01/30/1933 Death Mrs. John (Mary E. Stagner) Perry Buried at Blue Mound Cemetery
02/13/1933 Visit Mrs. And Mrs. Ora Stagner Back from Colorado
12/07/1933 Death Arthur E. Winfrey Proprietor of Blue Mound store
10/22/1934 Church Celebration Mrs. Marker, Mrs. Jake Mead, James Carr and Lee Knox were Charter Members in 1883 A homecoming event at the Blue Mound Christian Church
05/14/1937 Meeting Blue Mound Homemakers Club Met at Mrs. Speed Stagner’s home
06/17/1937 Meeting Blue Mound 4-H Stitch Club Met at Blue Mound club house
09/13/1937 Testimonial Robert L. Knox Regarding the life of Mr. Knox who died in 1936
09/13/1937 Announcement Viola Johnson was listed as teacher at Blue Mound school for the 1937-38 session School records show that teacher was actually Mrs. Howard Timbrook
09/01/1938 School Hubert E. Paul Will teach at Blue Mound school for the 1938-39 session
09/22/1938 Wedding Martha Hooten to Fred Telanus  
09/22/1938 Visit Gomer T. Davis 84 returned to Blue Mound for visit Lived in Blue Mound from 1866 to 1871
12/05/1938 Roads Rock from quarry on John Perry’s land First rock to be laid on Blue Mound roads
12/23/1938 Injuries William Johnson Hurt by sheep and also in a car accident
04/07/1939 Business Arthur Haynes/Norman Perry Haynes opened store in the former Hoyt store; Perry is manager
05/25/1939 Meeting Home Makers of Blue Mound Met at Mrs. William McKerrow’s house
06/21/1939 Death Buel J. Smith Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
09/01/1939 Death Rosella Newman Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
10/17/1939 Advertisement Announcing a “Program and Miscellaneous supper” at Blue Mound school Ola Young was teacher
03/12/1940 Death Charles C. McCracken Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
03/16/1940 Accident Roy Jones Escaped a dirt cave in at rock quarry with just a few scratches
07/26/1940 Move Mr. and Mrs. Pete Johnson Moved to Frank Burner residence
07/26/1940 School Mildred Johnson (Pete’s Wife) To teach the 1940-41 session at Blue Mound
11/06/1940 Death Clinton O. McCracken Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
06/21/1941 Meeting Sew and Chatter Club Met at Mrs. Earl Gray’s house
03/30/1941 Project Mrs. A. J. Saunders Federally funded mattress making project
11/06/1941 Death Mrs. Mary Camelia Davis Kern  
05/25/1942 Project Scrap iron salvage depot planned Metal for war effort
06/18/1942 Illness Lonnie Dudley Stroke
07/01/1942 Honor Charles E. Bradford, Jr. Highest ranking in lamb grading contest
08/13/1942 Coincidence Pvt. Marion S. Hooten Met former Blue Mound friend on a boat to Honolulu
03/31/1949 Death 5-day old Son of Ocal and Jewell Berry Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
08/21/1950 Reunion Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burner, etc. Held at Simpson Park
07/09/1955 Bake sale Blue Mound Church Netted $109.03
07/09/1955 4th of July Families of Edwin Haynes, Alvis Sperry, Dawson Whitney and Mrs. Clara Biggs Had weiner roast and fireworks at Everett Haynes place
08/03/1955 Golden Wedding Speed R. and Mary Ellen Hill Stagner Lived in Blue Mound for 42 years
12/07/1955 Death Franklin A. Burner Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
12/27/1955 Death

Mrs. Lieuvenia Burner Hooten

Died 12/08/1955 in Iowa

Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
12/28/1955 44th Wedding Anniversary Clara A. Mead Sloan and John A. Sloan Married half mile east of Blue Mound at the John C. Mead home
12/30/1955 Caroling Mr. and Mrs. Harley Eggers Group from Blue Mound Church caroled and then enjoyed refreshments at Eggers
12/31/1955 Death

Minnie Ellen Carr Edwards

Born in Blue Mound

Buried in Resthaven Cemetery
02/14/1956 Death Mary Cathren Kephart Sperry Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
02/29/1956 Advertisement Pie and Box supper, cake walk and program at Blue Mound School Proceeds to go to Heart Fund
03/15/1956 Meeting To discuss school reorganization in southwest part of the county Included Baxter, Blue Mound and Condron
03/23/1956 Sale Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lewis One half mile south of Blue Mound
03/28/1956 Death Clara R. Reeter Smith Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
07/03/1956 School Just 23 of the 100 or more one room schools in Livingston County remain in session Baxter and Blue Mound are two of the 23
07/25/1956 Sale Mr. and Mrs. Oliver H. Perry Public auction due to ill health
07/30/1956 Death George Fleshman Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
08/22/1956 School Ms. Harriette Sue Peyton (teacher) School opening delayed due to illness of teacher
09/21/1956 Sale Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bennett Public auction due to illness
01/10/1957 Church There were 54 in attendance at Mount Hope Church Election of officers was held
01/10/1957 Departure Gary R. Brown To Chicago to enroll in engineering school
01/10/1957 Injury Ronald Haynes hurt at school Took several stitches to close head wound
01/10/1957 Visit Charlotte, Butch and Pamela Haynes Spent night with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Haynes
02/07/1957 Visit Timmy Jones/Warren Hoyt Spent weekend together at the Hoyt’s
02/07/1957 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Ora Gibson and Rex With Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brown
02/07/1957 Business John Hoyt In Chillicothe
02/07/1957 Church Reverend Lloyd Couch Preached at Mount Hope
02/07/1957 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shipp and Dana With Bill and Helen Hoyt
02/07/1957 Visit Marsha Haynes With Linda Smith
02/07/1957 New Truck Raymond Zullig Reported as driving a new truck
02/07/1957 Visit Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Price With Mr. and Mrs. Dale Taylor
02/07/1957 New Tractor Elmer Cosgrove Owner of a new Case tractor
02/07/1957 Visit Bill, Helen, Warren, John Hoyt With Lucille Hoyt
02/07/1957 Visit Linda and Ronnie Condron Bill and Helen Hoyt
02/07/1957 Charivari Mr. and Mrs. Earl Eggers Married 01/20/57
02/09/1957 Death Oliver H. Perry Died in car accident Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
02/16/1957 School Blue Mound school to continue Ten students
03/08/1957 Church Rev Lloyd Couch preaching; dinner and supper with The Leland Grozinger’s and Jimmie There were 60 at Sunday School
03/08/1957 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brown With Mr. and Mrs. Harley Eggers
03/08/1957 Visit Bert and Bill Maberry families With Lawrence Minnis family
03/08/1957 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Otto Denker With Mrs. Earl McCall
03/08/1957 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hutchinson With Ms. Mildred Hutchinson
03/08/1957 Accident Jerry Condron Hurt at school
03/08/1957 Surgery Mr. Lowell Morse of Ludlow Former teacher at Blue Mound School
03/08/1957 Visit Pamela Haynes With Mrs. Hallie Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Haynes
03/08/1957 Visit Mrs. Alvis Sperry With Mrs. Otto Denker
03/08/1957 Visit Mrs. Wayne Suddith With Mrs. Newman
03/08/1957 Sale Mr. and Mrs. Jim Berry Lived south of Blue Mound
04/22/1957 Death Mrs. Effie Irene Cooper Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
05/10/1957 Accident Mrs. Ethel Georgia and Shirley Meehan Injured in car accident south of Blue Mound
05/27/1957 Wedding Ms. Sue Peyton to Mr. James Ronald Chatham She taught at Blue Mound School during its last session (56-57)
07/13/1957 School Blue Mound to close - Baxter will stay open Half of Blue Mound students to Tina-Avalon, the others to Chillicothe R-II
07/18/1957 Death Mrs. Eva E. Mead Jones Buried in Beaver City, NE Cemetery
08/01/1957 Sale Blue Mound and Condron schools and  properties Proceeds to be split 50-50
08/10/1957  Sale Blue Mound and Condron schools Public Auction
08/24/1957 Sale Clarence Christmas Bought Blue Mound School
02/17/1958 Death Mrs. Ina Mae Prosser Linville Buried in Lathrop Cemetery
02/25/1958 Arrested Wayne Powers - arrested in France for deserting U.S. Army Born in Blue Mound in 1921
07/11/1958 Mystery Spud Grover Linscott Three rows out of 13 had potatoes growing on the stems
01/05/1962 Christmas Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Everett Haynes entertained Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Haynes family
01/05/1962 Birth Penny Rae Dillard To John (former Blue Mound resident and  Kathy Dillard
01/05/1962 Christmas Visit Mr. and Mrs. Rex Gibson, Nancy, Jo and Robbie With Mr. and Mrs. Oran Gibson
01/05/1962 Christmas Dinner Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brown and Mike With Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Haynes
04/11/1962 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Bill Campbell and Son With Rex Gibson and family
04/11/1962 Illness Rush Stagner of Eldon - Stroke Speed’s Brother
04/11/1962 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brown With Oran Gibson
04/11/1962 Meeting Mrs. Rex Brown entertained At Trio Club meeting
04/11/1962 Visit Bill Hoyts, Jim Berrys, Rex Browns, and Raymond McCracken with Lawrence Minnis
04/11/1962 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Seth Minnis With Rex Browns
04/11/1962 Visit Gary and Mike Brown With Elmer Lowes
04/11/1962 Visit Dana Shipp With Bill Hoyts
04/11/1962 Meeting Youth of Blue Mound Church Raymond Zulligs provided refreshments
04/11/1962 Church There were 40 at Sunday School Blue Mound Church
04/11/1962 Move Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shipp Moved to Chillicothe
04/11/1962 Illness Mr. Elmer Haynes Home after 8 days in hospital
04/23/1962 Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Whitacre Their 64th!
04/24/1962 Announcement Bill Hoyt filed for judgeship of western district Democratic nomination
06/05/1962 Wedding Saundra Ann Smith and Don Russell St. John To wed at Blue Mound Church
06/25/1962 Bible School Opened with 42 children and 17 teachers Blue Mound Church
06/25/1962 Accident Mrs. Hall Hughes Fell from step ladder
07/05/1962 Wedding James Lee Green and Winnie Jane Price Green’s Father operated the Blue Mound rock quarry
07/10/1962 Meeting Blue Mound Cemetery Board Hired Elmer and Lloyd Cosgrove to repair damaged tombstones
07/10/1962 Visit Mr. and Mrs. Jack Corf With the Warren Stuarts
07/10/1962 Birth David Scott McCracken To the Donnie McCrackens
07/10/1962 Visit Harold Wooden of Great Falls, MT With Tom Wooden and others
07/19/1962 Death Grover C. Burner Born in Blue Mound on August 7, 1884
07/26/1962 Meeting Livingston County Christian Churches Had 5th Sunday meeting at Blue Mound Church
08/31/1962 Sale Norman Perrys Changing farming operations
09/25/1962 Death Fred Walter Martin Born near Blue Mound on May 8, 1880
11/05/1962 50 Years Ago Allen Gray His barn burned on November 5, 1912
07/25/1963 Death Ben G. Ramming Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
08/02/1963 Death Eva Ethel Cain Perry Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
01/24/1964 Death Maggie W. Miller Newton Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
02/11/1964 Death Kenneth Ray McKerrow Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
09/15/1964 Wedding Devona Jane Robertson to Jack Robert Brown At Blue Mound Church
02/04/1965 Death Joe Owens, former resident Died 01/15/1965 at Chadron, NE
03/18/1965 Death James C. Key Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
04/08/1965 Death Sped R. Stagner Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
10/23/1965 Meeting W.O.W. (Women of Wisdom) Extension Club Started in October 1934 as the Blue Mound Homemakers
12/14/1965 Announcement A 200 - foot microwave tower to be installed at Blue Mound To improve quality of TV signal
12/24/1965 Death James Franklin Lowrey, former owner of the Blue Mound store Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
03/17/1966 Thirty Years Ago Store at Blue Mound burns  
04/05/1966 Fire Mrs. Laura Paris Lloyd, her Son, rescued her and her wheel chair
04/06/1966 Announcement Ms. Rita Daugherty Accepted work at Greens rock quarry in Blue Mound
03/18/1966 Death Rolla James Perry Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
05/06/1966 Death James W. Applebury Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
07/05/1966 Death Virgil A. Burner Buried in Blue Mound Cemetery
07/05/1966 Gift Shower Mrs. Laura Paris To restore her home that was destroyed by fire
Undated Oddity Dub McCracken, Marion Hooten Stories about making a banjo skin from a ground hog hide and getting pulled down the dirt roads behind a horse
Undated Business Tip Goff left Blue Mound To clerk for W. J. Good in his restaurant at Hale
Undated Visit Mr. Robert Mayberry of Polk County Blue Mound relatives
Undated Business L. M. Haynes Sold a load of apples in Chillicothe
Undated Business Marven Carlyle Delivered 3 loads of fat hogs to Chillicothe
Undated Illness Miss Minnie Carr Very sick.  Dr. Murry of Dawn is there
Undated Church Jim Brown and Sister Ms. Violet Thorpe Attended services at Gibbs Chapel
Undated Threshing Goff and Burner machine On the Mounds
Undated Visit Mr. Lewis Johnson and Wife of Iowa Blue Mound relatives
Undated Incident John Sullivan was training horse It had to be killed due to injuries
Undated Visit Albert McAlear family and Mrs. Dora Carlyle In Chillicothe
Undated ???? Grant Martin and Levi Davis of near Plymouth Attended C. E. on Sunday night
Undated Loss Mrs. Evans near Gibbs Chapel Lost several head of calves from black leg.
Undated Death Melva Knox (14 years old) died of heart and lung trouble Daughter of Robert L. Knox.  Buried near Hale

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