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Prepared by Joe G. Dillard

This old metal sign now stored at the back of the cemetery was originally supported over the entrance road on two concrete pillars, but was too low for modern trucks to pass under and was removed and replaced by the sign below. Photo provided by Fred Woods.

Photo of current cemetery sign provided by Fred Woods.

Blue Mound has one main cemetery located 11.5 miles south of the Livingston County Courthouse in Chillicothe, Missouri. From in front of the Courthouse, go south six miles on Highway 65 to Route Z, then 5.5 miles south on Route Z, then 0.2 miles west on a gravel road. From Blue Mound (the intersection of County Road LIV 430 and State Route Z), go 0.5 miles north on Route Z, then 0.2 miles west on the gravel road. Currently, the cemetery is almost six acres and is called the Blue Mound Cemetery.

Known by various names through the years (Burner Cemetery, Blue Mound Grave Yard, Blue Mound Burying Ground, and now Blue Mound Cemetery), there is still some question about its early beginnings. The current administration of the cemetery is in the hands of the Blue Mound Cemetery Association, a non-for-profit entity that was incorporated in 1908. The first board members were James Smith, John Goff, G. W. Purcell, J. L. Condron and E. D. Jones. As of 2007, Gary Maberry is President, Jim Minnis is Secretary-Treasurer with Eddie Childs, Warren Hoyt and Edwin Haynes Board Members.

According to some notes on Page 39 of the current Blue Mound Cemetery Association record book provided by Ellenore Haynes, “Burner grave yard known as the Blue Mound grave yard as layed out by Nathan M. Frizzell, Johnathan S. Knox and Jacob S. Burner; Trustees, with help of Wm. H. Shields”. She then goes on to describe how the lots and alley ways are arranged.

Jim Minnis, current Secretary-Treasurer of the cemetery association provide me with copies of six deeds transferring land to the cemetery. They are as follow:

Jacob and Elizabeth Burner
August 24, 1874
0.5 acres

Johnathan and Emaline Knox
January 6, 1876
0.5 acres

D. P. and Mary Barnes
August 4, 1934
0.5 acres

Trustees of School District #97
March 28, 1935
0.75 acres

Clifford W. Van Horn
December 9, 1980
0.5 acres

Clarence Lee and Terri Thompson
November 24, 1998
2.97 acres

Some of the early families from the Blue Mound area that are buried in the Blue Mound Cemetery include:

Applebury, Barnes, Baxter, Brown, Bunch, Burner, Burton, Byrd, Carr, Cooper, Condron, Davis, Fleshman, Frizzell, Gibbs, Goff, Groce, Graham, Grouce, Grozinger, Haynes, Hendrickson, Hooker, Hughes, Hoyt, Johnson, Jones, Knox, Lowrey, Maberry, Marker, McAlear, McCracken, McDaneld, McKerrow, Mead, Minnis, Mossbarger, Newman, Newton, Paris, Perry, Purcell, Rockhold, Shields, Sloan, Smith, Sperry, Stagner, Whitacre, Wooden, Zirkle

There are a least five sources of information on people buried in this cemetery.

The most recent, up-to-date version is a compilation by Jim Minnis, current President of the Board of Trustees. You may view the results of his three years of effort to identify and inventory all of the tombstones by clicking on the following link to the Blue Mound Cemetery. If you don’t have Adobe Reader you can download it for free by clicking on Adobe Reader. We plan to update this source every two or three years.

Another source of information is the October1990 edition of LifeLines Volume 4, Number 4. It is a compilation by members of the Abandoned Cemetery Care Association of Livingston County. The personnel varied from cemetery to cemetery, depending on who was available.

A third source of information is a website compiled by Russell Haynes, Arroyo, CA. It is a listing of the names of people buried in the Blue Mound Cemetery. He doesn’t have the reference of the source nor the date it was compiled, but it appears to have much of the same information as listed by Elizabeth Ellsberry in her 1962 compilation (see below). Mr. Haynes suggests using the list only as a guideline and recommends that if you find any information that you wish to save for your family records, take it from the original transcription to make sure it is the most accurate. You may access his listing at:

A fourth source is the CemPhoto WorkShop. They have a photo of each tombstone and a complete name index on a Blue Mound Cemetery CD. They also offer similar information on many other cemeteries in Livingston County on CDs, as well as a surname index in soft cover book format.

You may contact the CemPhoto Workshop on the Internet at: , or at P.O. Box 1222, Chillicothe, MO 64601. You can also do a free surname search at their website.

A fifth, but older source is Pages 60-74 of Volume 2 of Cemetery Records of Livingston County, Missouri compiled and published by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry in 1962. A copy is available at the State Historical Society of Missouri’s library in Columbia, Missouri. It is arranged alphabetically.

Two of the more unusual tombstones in this cemetery (see below) are those of John A. Knott who was killed by Bushwhackers and Wayne Purcell who liked to hunt Indian artifacts and rattle snakes.


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